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Advances in artificial intelligence are impacting all aspects of daily life, and demand is on the rise for skilled engineers across a wide range of AI fields. The Artificial Intelligence Professional Certificate   is designed for working professionals who want to dive into AI topics at graduate-level depth, but with additional flexibility of schedule and scope.

Audience Profile
- Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
- Engineers, Analysts, Marketing Managers
- Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Stewards
- Anyone interested in Data Mining and Machine Learning techniques

In 1959, Arthur Samuel, a computer scientist who pioneered the study of Artificial Intelligence, described machine learning as "the study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed." Alan Turing's seminal paper (Turing, 1950) introduced a benchmark standard for demonstrating machine intelligence. A machine has to be intelligent and responsive in a manner that cannot be differentiated from that of a human being.
Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence where a computer/machine learns from past experiences (input data) and makes future predictions. The performance of such a system should be at least at human level.
This certification focuses on clustering problems for unsupervised machine learning with K-Means algorithm. For Supervised machine learning, we will describe the classification problem with a demonstration of the design trees algorithm and the regression one with an example of linear regression.

Learning Objectives
- Understand the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
- Describe the methods of Machine Learning: supervised and unsupervised
- Use the data analysis for Decision-Making
- Understand the limits of algorithms
- Understand and grasp Python programming, essential mathematics knowledge in AI, and basic programming methods

Exam Details
- Format: Multiple choice question
- Questions: 40
- Pass Score: 32/40 or 80 %
- Language: English
- Duration: 60 minutes
- Open book: No
- Delivery: This examination is available online
- Supervised: It will be at the Partner's discretion

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Artificial Intelligence Professional Certificate - CAIPC™ Exam Voucher

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