COBIT 5 Foundation

COBIT is an IT management framework developed by the ISACA to help businesses develop, organize and implement strategies around information management and governance.

COBIT 5 certification increases the value from IT and builds trust in IT services by providing practices, principles, models and tools that are globally accepted. COBIT 5 training enables effective decision making by its users to address the needs of the stakeholders and clarifying their goals.

The certification can help IT auditors, IT managers, IT quality professionals, IT leaders, process practitioners, managers in IT service providers to understand basic of enterprise governance for IT

This Question Bank prepares you to clear the official COBIT 5 foundation official exam with a high score. It consists of more than 150 Questions distributed over 4 Exams:
  • Practice Test 1 – 50 Questions (Important)
  • Practice Test 2 – 50 Questions
  • Practice Test 3 – 50 Questions
  • Practice Test 4 – 10 Questions
In addition, this course contain the studying material (PDF)

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Note: COBIT 2019 is the updated version of COBIT 5 - We still recommend going with COBIT 2019 course over COBIT 5, unless there is a need to have COBIT 5 

COBIT 5 Foundation

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