Professional Agile Leadership (PAL I)

The Professional Agile Leadership (PAL I) assessment is available to anyone who wishes to validate that you are a leader who understands that being Agile adds value to your business, and why leadership understanding, sponsorship, and support of Agile practices are essential to an organization becoming more agile. Those who pass receive the industry recognized certification as a PAL I from; demonstrating a fundamental level of understanding about how agility adds value to an organization, why leadership support of agile teams is essential to achieving organizational agility, and what leaders can do to support their teams to help them achieve higher performance.

The course course contains the training material in PDF format, and 5 practice tests:
  • Practice Test 1  >> 36 Questions 
  • Practice Test 2  >> 36 Questions
  • Practice Test 3  >> 36 Questions
  • Practice Test 4  >> 36 Questions (Important)
  • Practice Test 5  >> 10 Questions (Important)
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Professional Agile Leadership (PAL I)

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