SAFe 6 Agile Product Manager (APM) Question Bank

This is not a complete training course, this is ONLY a question bank that can help you pass your SAFe 6 Agile Product Management (APM) exam
It is necessary for the candidate to complete the 3-day training course (SAFe 6.0 Agile Product Management) before he or she is able to take the SAFe 6 Agile Product Management (APM) exam 
To check available training, go to the official website:
This certificate helps you to understand how to perform the role of a high-performing Agile Product Manager (APM) that combines Design Thinking with Lean-Agile values and principles to create products and solutions that are desirable, viable, feasible, and sustainable.
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The question bank contains 2 full practice tests that are very close to the official exam:
  • Practice Test 1 (60 Questions) - Important
  • Practice Test 2 (60 Questions)
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SAFe 6 Agile Product Manager (APM) Question Bank

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