CertiBanks are now CertiProf® Authorized Training Partner.

Added Date : 08/29/2021

CertiBanks is excited to announce that we are CertiProf® Authorized Training Partner, CertiProf is an Examination Institute founded in the United States in 2015.

Certibanks had chosen CertiProf for the following reasons:

  1. CertiProf offers training and certifications in a wide range of fields including:
    Category Certifications
    Agile HR Agile HR Certified Professional – AHRCP
    • DevOps Advanced Professional Certificate DAPC™
    • DevOps Essentials Professional Certificate
    • DevOps Culture Certified Trainer (DCCT)
    • DevOps Culture Practitioner Certificate
    • Kanban Essentials Certification – KEPC
    • Kanban Foundation KIKF™
    • Kanban Professional KIKP™
    • Certified Kanban Facilitator CKF™
    Business Model Canvas Certification (New)
    • Business Model Canvas Certified Practitioner BMCCP
    Agile Coach
    • Agile Coach Certification - ACPC™
    Agile Business Owner
    • Agile Business Owner Foundations Certificate
    • Scrum Master Professional Certificate SMPC®
    • Scrum Product Owner Certification - SPOPC™
    • Scrum Master Bridge v2020
    • Scrum Developer Certification -SDPC™
    • Scrum Foundation Certification -SFPC
    • Scrum Advanced Professional Certificate -SAPC
    Business Model Canvas Certification (New)
    • Business Model Canvas Certified Practitioner BMCCP
    • OKR Certified Professional (OKRCP)
    User Stories
    • User Stories Foundations Certification
    Design Thinking
    • Design Thinking Certification – DTPC
    • Cyber Security Foundation - CSFPC™
    • CertiProf Lead Cybersecurity Certification - LCSPC™
    Artificial Intelligence Professional Certificate
      • Artificial Intelligence Professional Certificate - CAIPC™
      Blockchain Professional Certificate:
      • Blockchain Professional Certificate
      Big Data Professional Certificate
      • Big Data Certification
      Remote Work and Virtual Collaboration Certificate (RWVCPC)
      • Remote Work and Virtual Collaboration Certificate RWVCPC
      ISO Standards
        • ISO 20000 Foundation
        • ISO 22301 Foundation
        • ISO 27001 Foundation
        • ISO 20000 Internal Auditor
        • ISO 22301 Internal Auditor
        • ISO 27001 Internal Auditor
        • ISO 20000 Lead Auditor
        • ISO 22301 Lead Auditor
        • ISO 27001 Lead Auditor
        • ISO 27001 Lead Implementer
        Service Desk
        • Service Desk Leader Certification -SDLPC
        Digital Marketing
        • Digital Marketing Certification -DMPC
        Innovation Management
        • Innovation Management Certification (IMCP)
        Six Sigma
        • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification -LSSGBPC
      • CertiProf give the student 2nd chance for the exam for free.
      • CertiProf gain every year newer certified people than any other certification provider according to LinkedIn.
      • CertiBanks will start to offer exam voucher for its customer with competitive price.
      • CertiBanks will start offer training material and videos in English and Arabic for CertiProf Certifications, in order to allow our customer to ensure 100% success rate.

      CertiProf is accredited and recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Agile Alliance, IT Certification Council (ITCC) and Better Business Bureau (BBB).


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